This is BlueCORE™

Our BlueCORE solution provides business-critical software suites on secure networks that
customers can rely on at all times. BlueCORE delivers the power of a digital and fully integrated world to our customers’ fleets of vessels. This enables you to run your business in the smartest and most profitable way possible.

The Complete Solution

The only ICT solution you will need for your vessels.

Central Management

Central management with a single
point of contact.


BlueCORE contributes to a more
sustainable world.

IMO Cybersecurity Compliance

The system comes with built‐in IMO
cybersecurity compliance.

Digital Integration for the Merchant Fleet

We pride ourselves on being the best in the world at what we do. True as that may be, it should be said that we are also the only company that does what we do!

Downtime is Our Arch-enemy

All our customers have moving offices. That makes for a special work environment.

Because of this, we have developed a system designed to provide as much safety and security as possible at all times. Downtime and cyber threats are our arch-enemies, and we fight them every day.

The BlueCORE Solution Defined

How can you get a fully operational, commercially efficient, cybersecure work
environment onboard your fleet of commercial vessels?

At Sea IT, we design, plan, test, purchase, build, deliver, install and support every aspect of your IT environment. This is what we call BlueCORE™ – not a product, but a complete IT solution.


The BlueCORE Business Model

BlueCORE™ is fully scalable so that you can expand it at your own pace.

Our customers often use software that is similar or identical to one another. This allows them to share development costs for integrations and equipment. Having access to our experienced engineers will, along with our ever-reliable ICT platform, improve the efficiency of your daily operations. It will also allow you to free up resources in terms of your crew, coordinators and office. Since the systems are standardized, with identical user interfaces, moving between vessels is no longer an issue.

Oversee and Manage All Your Digital Applications

In BlueCORE New Generation, we have closed many of the gaps between the integrated technology and the user. We have done so by providing a unique application tool for each user, both onboard and onshore. All IT-related and digital integration points can be monitored and handled at any time. The advantages are numerous and will reduce a lot of recurring user tasks or administrative waiting time.

What we thought would be an evolution of BlueCORE has instead proven to be a major revolution for the maritime industry.

Cybersecurity is an Integral Part of BlueCORE

Cybersecurity is not only a requirement, it’s business-critical.

The Cyber Security™ mark ensures that the guidelines, regulations and best practices defined by Bimco, OCIMF and GDPR are all met. The BlueCORE™ solution ensures complete IMO 2021 compliance for all customers.

Our cybersecurity management includes:
● Risk analysis
● Deep packet inspection
● Endpoint security
● Threat intelligence
● Identification & asset management
● Intrusion detection
● Threat & vulnerability management
● Anti-virus protection
● Monthly cybersecurity reports


The BlueCORE Generation 5 platform has been cybersecurity assured and tested by IO Active, to make sure we fulfill today’s and tomorrow’s standards.

Intrinsic Redundancy

A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link.

This can make the difference between having 100% uptime for 5+ years or being without a working IT environment for weeks, even months. Our systems are designed with an intrinsic redundancy from the start. We design every update and add-on with the express purpose to have no single point of failure inside the system. The result speaks for itself; our monthly customer reports do not show any downtime at all.


    Not only does BlueCORE contribute to a more efficient use of resources onboard, in the long run; it also allows for more remote use of all IT-related equipment. This means that vendors and suppliers can solve system-related issues from a distance. Having a no-visitor goal helps contribute to a sustainable world, and also helps owners and operators reach carbonization reduction goals.

    Sustainability is all about how you utilize your investments to the maximum, without increasing the risks to people, companies or the environment. Sustainability is also about your partnerships and goals, and how you manage them over time.

    Efficient BlueCORE Operations with Central Management

    By centrally managing all software deployments and patching, we ensure efficient asset management with minimal work input.

    License handling and version control are handled from a single point of operation. Software suites and all your operational technology are implemented into the system as part of the user experience.

    Central management is not only about being in control of your security, or having efficient deployment services; it is also about having one point of contact. Sea IT will handle all your IT-related issues as well as managing the suppliers that are involved in your operation.

    Onboard Services

    Which plan suits your fleet’s needs the best? No matter which one you choose, you can rest assured that Sea IT will provide you with nothing but the best possible service.


    Redundant Firewalls

    HA Cluster


    RDS, Application-, Print-Server

    Secondary RDS, Application Server

    Mail Server


    VPN Server

    Hotspot Server

    Core- and Distribution- switches

    Wireless Access Points


    Redundant UPS-Solution (Monitored)

    Remote Support Server




    BlueCORE Enterprise

    A long-term, sustainable IOT solution for full digital integration onboard

    BlueCORE Essential

    A short-term solution for adaptive and flexible fleets with full digital integration

    Non Redundant

    Non Redundant

    Non Redundant

    Non Redundant

    BlueCORE ToGo

    A quick deployment system for instant business and advanced digital integration

    Non Redundant

    Non Redundant

    Non Redundant