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Being a member of the Sea IT family means you will be expected to provide the best possible service to our customers.

Sea IT and our staff solve customer challenges and provide peace of mind. We will always make risk assessments beneficial to the customer prior to every decision we take.

It’s our TEAM efforts that make us who we are, and a proud world leader at what we do.

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In order to always be ready for our customers’ ever-changing needs, we have to look for tomorrow’s resources today. Being able to plan ahead is critical for us and our business.

Structural planning, process management and working routines create a strong company culture; one that makes both employees and customers thrive. For us, it’s all about strong partnerships.

Teams and Positions

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Production, Pre-config and Logistics 

Organized, dedicated and mechanically skilled people with an interest in technology fit well into our organization. The most important thing, however, is to be self-motivated and determined to succeed.

Production & Pre-configuration

Part of our Warehouse and Logistics team is the production & pre-configuration. These are key and extremely important roles. This is where we assemble, pre-load, pack and make sure our build is 100% ready for installation. It´s a critical part of delivering BlueCORE ready to be installed onboard vessels. We have rigid routines for checking of systems and goods in general.


Warehouse and Logistics

Goods come in and leave our facility on a daily basis. To have organized people with a sense for keeping on top of things is key in order to make all the important deadlines our customers face.  

Facility Management

By taking care of our facility with own personal we create the respect and carefulness we want to practice all the way. Our firmest belief is that everyone should care about the full picture. From washing your cup to making sure we are 100% ready with our delivery.

By putting time into keeping our exterior beautiful at all times the inside will follow.

Research and Development

Building the most advanced ICT platform in the maritime market is a craft that requires a dedicated and skilled workforce.

IT Migration Engineer

Sea IT Systems AB is looking for Migration Technicians with a passion for structure & order who want to develop and work in a modern, family-run company with big plans for the future. 

The position requires a keen interest & knowledge about IT and networks. Experience from customer service or support desk in combination with IT knowledge is highly valued

Read more about the position and apply on Linkedin (Swedish)



Network & Structural Engineers

Evaluating what components to use for our BlueCORE systems is a constant job that requires us to be connected to the market and a have broad perspective on the IT world and what is happening around us

The R&D staff are all part of a puzzle, they both bring pieces to the table and in some extent are the pieces themself. This is why the staff is one of our most valuable commodities. 

Security Experts

Apart from providing the highway that we call the Core, security must always be a part of the overall scope. The product base is the security it provides for the shipowners and operators. 

Applications & Software Specialists

To know how 120 different applications all work on their own and how to get them into the standards of our remote handling tool. Allowing 200 vessels to update the same application at the same time. Setting the standards for application owners and sometimes showing them how to develop their tools in the right direction.

That´s a challenge. Anyone up for one should be part of the team.


Our operations staff man our support desk, travel worldwide and install our BlueCORE systems onboard vessels.
At Sea IT, we put a lot of trust in our staff. In reward, they get to see the world, and learn about people, cultures and different businesses.

Travelling Support Technician

You are triggered by challenges and can´t wait to show your independent abilities. You will be a key person in the company as you deliver the very essence of what we do.

You will learn how to meet the customer and make sure he/she gets the royal treatment in setting up the IT-system everyone wants but only a few will only hear about. 

You will be working as a team leader with Support, installations, commissioning and upgrades of advanced IT-systems onboard vessels. the daily contacts will consist of customers from all over the world.

A very rewarding and developing position that many stay in for years.

Read more about the position on Linkedin



Support Technician with Global Customers

The daily operation of supporting customers is highly connected to the agreement all of customers enter with us. 

The red thread is the Service Level Agreement (SLA). We strive to honor this at all times and keep every single ticket in our order handling system updated and solve our customers requests in fashionable time every day.

The SLA decides the pace and conducts our daily business.

Our organized meeting policy will make sure customers and colleagues are always updated and we always move forward. 



Our office team works with management, accounting and projects. They have key roles that enable our business to work at maximum capacity.

Time report and accounting

Sea IT is looking for a ambitious person with a economics degree with the experience and energy to drive our time report, project follow-up and invoicing routine as the primary focus going forward.

Read more about the position on Linkedin



Meet our staff

Introducing Robert Hansen

Working at Sea IT

Why do I love my job?

We are a very open and modern company that values our personnel very highly. We are young at heart, and just crazy enough to never be fully satisfied with our product. I’m so proud of who we are, all our partnerships, and that we are constantly evolving on all levels.

The management and the staff are very close to one another.

Everyone respects each others’ different roles, and we never have any internal territorial disputes due to uncertain, or too harshly defined, roles

Sea IT suits its positions around the employee. This way, professionals can grow along with the company’s needs and capabilities. We’ve realised that this is just much more useful and rewarding for everyone: staff, customers and company at large.

Personally, I have worked in the maritime sector my whole life, holding various positions for about 25 years now. At Sea IT, I get to use my organizational skills along with my people skills, getting to be the doer and trustee I have come to realize that I am.

For me, making plans for the future and working with our staff and customers are the most rewarding aspects of my job. That said, I also enjoy picking up the electrical screwdriver and creating things with my hands. At Sea IT, thankfully, there’s room for all of it.


Robert Hansen

Operations & Office Manager


Staff testimonials

“I’ve been a part of the Sea IT family for three years now. For me, it has been very rewarding to always work with the latest IT solutions. We work hard to create the best possible customer experience, but we always have a great time doing it!”

Adam Drechsel

Core Coordinator

“I’m motivated by the challenges that can emerge at any time, because of the dynamics of the maritime industry. That’s why it’s so exciting to support our customers in their everyday
operations. Through hard work and smart decisions, we try our hardest to be one step ahead when delivering IT-services to the floating backbone of the world.”

Felix Magnusson

ICT System Engineer


It came about as a joke, but quickly spread like wildfire. The Sea FIT logo is a lovingly
roughed up version of our logotype, but it stands for something important. It stands for what we all want: to feel at home, to feel welcome and to feel healthy. A state-of-the-art gym, jacuzzi, sauna, ping pong table, basketball hoop, and more; these are just some of the investments we have made to make our staff feel at home. To make them feel that there are no limitations to what we can achieve together – because there aren’t.


Being a member of the Sea IT family requires you to be individually set on providing the best service there is. Your premium mindset is already developed and you want to find the company that matches your thinking.