Meeting the standards of tomorrow - today

Setting standards in the marine world isn´t always about influencing legislation. It can also be looking far into the future and anticipating in what way the business will go. What will drive legislators to take the decisions they do and how can we be at the forefront of this.

How can we both meet and set the standards? How can we succeed and facilitate the anticipation of the professionals of the oceans today and tomorrow? How do we do this without throwing all into the air and affecting your business?

    This is BlueCORE™

    BlueCORE™ is a concept. The idea of providing business-critical IT Systems that you as a customer can trust and rely on. We stand out in our ability to deliver the power of a digital and fully integrated world to our customer’s local and remote businesses so you can drive your business smarter and more profitable. 

    Our Partnerships, employees, and performance makes all the difference.

    The Complete IT Solution

    We pride our self on saying we are the best in the world at what we do. That might be true but most probably it has to do with the fact that we are the only company that does what we do.

    We design, plan, test, purchase, build, deliver, install, support every aspect of you IT environment, and make sure you are fully compliant at all times. It’s a complete IT package with plenty of space for your integration needs.

    The challenge

    The fact that all our customers are moving offices makes for a special working environment.

    Due to this we have developed a system that is designed to provide as much safety and security as possible at all times. Downtime is our real nemesis and along with cyber threats we fight them every day, all year.

    The Concept Defined

    You struggle to understand or see how you can get a fully operational, commercially efficient, and at the same time cyber secure working environment onboard your fleet of commercial vessels?

    We deal with the full scope. We design, plan, test, purchase, build, deliver, install, support, and make sure you are fully compliant at all times. We don´t leave untied knots. This is what we call BlueCORE. Not a product, a concept.

      Number One We look at your current structure and software in order to apply the correct IT business model Identification of existing needs Number One We build a physical system that you can evaluate in order to accept it as base for your full system Presentation, acceptance of concept Number One The economical scope is presented Quotation and POC agreement Number One We install a complete system on one or two vessels which are proven under real-life business conditions Proof of Concept (POC) Number One Roll out phase and ongoing services are defined in a contract Finalization of project contract (Pre-staging) Number One Procurement, manufacturing, delivery, project management, installation and handover. Roll out phase Number One Ongoing services The fleet is now active on the support agreement. Number One

      Our Business Model

      BlueCORE is fully scalable, you can expand at your own pace. Adding systems one by one.

      Our customers are usually using similar- or identical software enabling you to share development costs for integrations and equipment. Having access to our experienced engineers along with the most reliable maritime ICT platform will increase the efficiency of your daily operations. You can free up resources from the crew, coordinator and office.

      Since the systems are standardized and user interface is identical, moving between vessels along with crew training is no longer an issue.

      Cyber Security is not only a requirement, it´s a business-critical demand that you are fully compliant at all times. It all goes hand in hand.

      The Cyber Security™ mark assures that the guide lines, regulations, and best practices defined by Bimco, OCIMF, and GDPR are met. The BlueCORE™ concept ensures our customers full IMO 2021 Compliance.


      “Maritime cyber risk refers to a measure of the extent to which a technology asset could be threatened by a potential circumstance or event, which may result in shipping-related operational, safety or security failures as a consequence of information or systems being corrupted, lost or compromised.”

      – International Maritime Organization

      Holistic Redundancy

      A chain is no stronger than its weakest link.

      This can be the difference between having 100% uptime for 5+ years and never once experiencing a system failure or being without a working IT-environment for weeks or even months depending on where in the world you are and what is going on in the world at that time.

      Our systems are redundant from start and we design every update or add on with the concept of having no single point of failures within the system. The result speaks for itself, downtime on our monthly reports for customers is zero to none.

        Reinventing security – leading way for the future

        In a way this is very simple. You have data and you don’t want to lose it. You don’t want it to end up in the wrong hands or lose it forever. This can be devastating for your business.

        External and internal threats, single point of failure, unmanaged & unsupervised hardware, and software. Lack of security patching and neglected updates of your antivirus. These are all examples of what needs to be done on a daily, weekly an monthly basis. But let’s face it. You are not there to do this. Your profession is different. You are moving the vessel and/or the goods carried by it.

        That´s where we come in.

        By knowing the needs of every professional in the maritime industry you already have a head start with us. You benefit from us working with the smaller colleagues in your business as well as the largest ship owners in the world. Us learning from all and the combined benefit is a win for anyone who partners up with us.

        Yes, it’s a partnership, a friendship you could even call it.
        We thrive on sitting in between your suppliers and your customers helping you integrate all IT-related questions and making them work seamlessly.

        On this journey we even help you making IT- integration financially advantageously. From start to finish we do it all and we will stand by your side the whole time. In bad and good times.