Sea IT Celebrates a 10-year Track Record of Leading the Toughest Cyber Attack Prevention

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Robert Hansen

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August 5, 2017

GOTHENBURG, Sweden - - Sea IT, a system integrator specialized in IT solutions for the shipping world, celebrates 10 years of successful cyber security implementations. The company was the very first Nordic provider to offer BlueCORE™, a complete package of necessary hardware, software and work processes to ensure maximum operational up-time of a vessel.

People give up personal information so easy. Just think about it, all you need to do is call somebody up and say you are representing somebody else that they trust, says Mattias Patriksson, founder of Sea IT. Unfortunately crew don’t always think twice, this is common and therefor the whole process need to address the weakest links and the ultimate operational level needed for the ship. That is true cyber security prevention and Sea IT has worked with this for 10 years with excellent results for our customers.

Sea ITs flagship solution BlueCORE is an optimized, operational solution with the highest level of Cyber Security for each vessel based on the most demanding fleet requirements.

The company has a 10-year long track record of serving the most demanding customers around the world and take pride in making sure that customers operations are working at the exact level of expectations while minimizing costs. It is crucial to recognize that cyber security is not effective when dependent on automated systems, hardware, and endpoint protection which all regularly fail, usually without being noticed.

Sea IT ensures that vessels network and its critical systems have the maximum protection. This is achieved through comprehensive security assessments combined with cyber experts who have specialized software and tools needed to prevent and protect against cyber exploitation.

- We are surprised by the hype cyber security has received lately. This has been a strategic topic for the last 10 years and we have secured vessels since 2007, continues Mattias Patriksson. The difference is that we have a complete solution, a red thread, called BlueCORE that runs through the whole solution. We take into account several critical components for success and ask the customer what uptime they need for their vessels as any replacement of hardware or software due to a cyberattack is a logistics challenge. Customers need to understand to what degree their infrastructure is secure and the cost/benefit they can achieve with different solutions. Security and business operations is ultimately a question about money.

With BlueCORE customers get a predefined function fulfilled based on a fixed process, hard and software.

- Your first target isn’t the IT infrastructure. It is people as 99% of attacks are aimed at people. Everyone uses email and cellphones, most use social media. A targeted email that looks like it is from your captain with a reasonable ask may be purely malicious. With Sea ITs solution BlueCORE onboard there is no need to fear cyber attacks or worry that the ship will come to a full stop, says Kristian Ryberg, CEO of Sea IT. Cyber security isn’t buying some hard or software. The main scope is the pre-work itself, securing the function and identifying all the weak links. An example is that the problem isn’t necessary that viruses are spread via email, the problem is rather that staff may be curious and click on the links in an email that contains a virus.

BlueCORE has been implemented as a cyber security function with adequate processes along with selected and tested hard- and software since 2007. Networks are looped and users only access the parts they need to perform their work tasks. Business and crew networks are kept separate to reduce risks. To achieve a maximum operational efficiency of 100% a vessel need a risk analysis and a contingency plan. To date, Sea IT has served customers all over the world and continues to secure world leading global shipping companies with operational runtimes as high as 99,9%.

- It is all about how to reach the maximum or 100% operational runtime for a vessel. You can’t do that if your vessel has a virus. An important question is therefor to consider: How do you design a cost effective system with a life span of 3-5 years? What is the lowest operational runtime a customer is willing to accept? Everything in between is really a choice, explains Mattias Patriksson. It is truly amazing, an average vessel has 130 software installations onboard besides hardware, but when we leave a vessel that has been equipped we don’t expect to return in the next coming 5 years.Sea IT is currently expanding its product family Blue and continues to stay at the very forefront of cyber security for the marine industry. To learn more and how Sea IT secures the marine industry, please visit

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