Complete Digital Solution for Your Fleet With BlueCORE

Our BlueCORE solution provides secure and reliable integration of software suites on secure networks for merchant fleets. The BlueCORE solution is centrally managed via satellite links from our headquarters in Sweden. Full support 24/7 is included in the agreed fixed price!

One Partner With Full Responsibility.

With our BlueCORE, ship owners and fleet managers don’t have to worry about software updates, integration of other systems, ship-to-shore communication or cybersecurity compliance. We take responsibility for your entire fleet’s complete digitalization, from system integration down to the keyboards. You have ONE partner who takes full responsibility, and we do so at an agreed fixed price.

One Partner With Full Responsibility.

"BlueCORE provides us with an advanced IT platform with real-time monitoring of all services and applications that is managed and maintained remotely.”
Alasthair Saunders
Scorpio Vessel IT Service Delivery Service Line Lead
“We are very pleased to have entered in to this long-term agreement with Sea IT, who are true experts in their field and who fully understand our fleet IT requirements.”
IT Fleet Manager at Oldendorff
“We have been working with Sea IT for several years – they stand out as a provider of innovative and advanced ICT solutions for the maritime industry. The efficient support team is providing us with reliable service all around the clock”.
Seenivasan Govindaraj
Head of Vessel IT at Maersk Tankers

Since BlueCORE Comes at a Fixed Price, We Need to Get Everything Right From the Beginning.

The installation of our standardized equipment on board your ships is preceded by meticulous planning. When we go on board, we do the installation in less than 30 hours. After that, we don’t need to go onboard on that ship again for up to five years.

Since we plan, install, maintain, update and support the BlueCORE solution remotely, at a fixed price, we need to get everything right from the beginning. This planning and preparation, together with our long experience, are some of the key reasons for why we have such satisfied customers.

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