Sea IT Wins New Contract with Alba Tankers

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Robert Hansen

Published on

December 9, 2016

GOTHENBURG, Sweden - - Sea IT has won a new contract with Alba Tankers. Alba Tankers continues installations of Sea ITs product BlueCLOUD™ in two more office locations in Poland and Sweden. The contract also includes installations of multiple products on board the vessels Atlantic and OW Baltic in their fleet such as BlueCONNECT, BlueSKY, BlueSTAR and the upgrade of BlueCORE. The shipping company already have BlueCLOUD installed at their Danish headquarters in Ålborg.

- It is great to see when customers truly benefit from Sea ITs solutions and embrace the concept throughout their organization, says Kristian Ryberg, CEO at Sea IT.

BlueCORE is designed to fit global business operations and meet high security standards. BlueCORE is therefor built to optimize business processes, reduce operational costs and to ensure maximum efficiency by utilizing all available IT resources onboard. It enables a seamless integration between the crew onboard and the office. With BlueCORE onboard, Alba Tankers will be able to regard its fleet as a remote office location.

With BlueCLOUD, Alba Tankers will maximise their data security with a fully redundant, Windows-based system. It is set up to perform automatic backups on a daily basis, allowing all data stored onboard to be accessible through a direct VPN connection from the office.

-Sea IT has everything we want from a vendor - excellent products and services tailored specifically for our industry along with deep understanding of the industry business challenges, says Henrik Holst Pedersen, CEO / Fleet Manager at Alba Tankers.

Alba Tankers operates 7 vessels in its fleet. The two vessels Copenhagen and Atlantic has been upgraded to BlueCORE version 4.

Atlantic is also being equipped with BlueCONNECT, a virtualized software which provides functionality such as mail, spam management, file transfer, VSAT beam switch, firewall, crew login and more. With BlueSTAR onboard, the crew will get the fastest file transfer available nearby shore. They will enjoy internet speed and file transfer up to 50 Mbps. BlueSTAR automatically switches to faster networks and the crew can choose between NMT/LTE and GSM. The BlueSKY installation onboard is a software based, virtual switch board solution. It offers the same features and functionalities as a physical switch board – but without any dedicated switch board device or space on the vessel.

- Besides installing the products we also offer our customers to let Sea IT manage their BlueCLOUD office operations on a daily basis. This is a service many customers appreciate and helps them focus on their true core business, says Kristian Ryberg.

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