Sea IT Signs 3 Year ICT Service Contract with Donsötank

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Robert Hansen

GOTHENBURG, Sweden – – Sea IT has signed a 3 year BlueCORE ICT service contract with Donsötank. The contract is a result of continued trust and a strengthening of the relationship between the companies.  It covers outsourcing of information technology and communication services onboard all vessels with BlueCORE™ operated by Donsötank, a strategy in line with Donsötanks business objectives.

Donsötank has previously modernized and installed BlueCORE™, an ICT platform specifically developed by Sea IT for the demanding conditions in the marine industry.

– To achieve our business goals we build vessels with the highest standard in the world regarding onboard environment and communication equipment. Therefor we are very pleased to establish a long term agreement with Sea IT. Their competence in the area is second to none, says Ingvar Lorentsson, Managing Director at Donsötank.

Donsötank is a Swedish shipping company which owns and operates seven modern product and oil/chemical tankers in the range from 18.000 DWT to 25.000 DWT. The fleet consists of the vessels Prospero, Excello, Solando, Solero, Evinco, Bonito and Baltico.

– Operating BlueCORE™ on our vessels is consistent with our quality management. It guarantees that we conduct services at sea with the highest quality, safety and environmental standards, explains Ingvar Lorentsson. With an already strong and robust ICT platform we look forward to utilize all its benefits and expand it with BlueCONNECT™ for maximum efficiency.BlueCONNECT™ is virtualized software which provides functionality such as mail, Spam management, file transfer, VSAT beam switch, firewall, crew login and more. It is a cost efficient solution and no new, expensive hardware is necessary as BlueCONNECT integrates with the BlueCORE platform. Examples of operational and business benefits using the

BlueCONNECT service with a sophisticated mail server and Microsoft Outlook are:

  • Full back-up on sent and received E-mails
  • Monitoring and support of the complete email flow 24/7/365
  • No need to depend on other external suppliers
  • Reduced operational cost
  • Increased redundancy (BlueCONNECT installed on both servers)
  • Functions in Microsoft Outlook activated such as Calendar and contacts
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