Sea IT opens new office outside Gothenburg for Support, R&D and production.

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Robert Hansen

– We are delighted to move into our new office, we have been working hard with this project for the last 2 years says Mattias Patriksson, founder and COO of Sea IT. We have now more than tripled in size that enables us to have all our support and production inhouse. The office is situated in a perfect logistic hub outside Gothenburg. In this new facility we will be able to continue to grow our company, develop and produce services for customers and  attract the highest competence in the field. This facility also gives us the opportunity to deliver our Cloud services in a fully redundant and secure environment.

A Facility Built to Serve A Growing Market

In our new building, Sea IT has incorporated a top modern, separate server hall with safety classification for complete system redundancy. Multiple communication systems are installed, including Dual Fiber, VSAT, FleetBroadband, Iridium Open port, 3g/4G, LTE etc to enable full testing of standard communication links used by the shipping industry.

Inside the new office a full integration of BlueTV™ with digital signage will be showcased presenting a modern shipping ICT solution. Sea IT have doubled the staff since the start of the build and we will be able to grow even more if needed in this new enviroment. The office includes a fully equipped gym, sauna and a jacuzzi as part of a health care fitness program for the employees.

An Industry in Growing Need for centrally managed ICT Solutions including Cyber Security

– We strongly believe in the maritime industry and the need for centrally managed ICT solutions in the future, says Kristian Ryberg, CEO of Sea IT. The industry is getting more advanced and realizes the strategic importance of cyber security solutions and vessels with modern ICT. This is exactly the Sea IT expertise and we are committed to enable large scale projects for international customers.

Sea IT offers BlueCORE™, a concept which is flexible, integratable, scalable, and easy-to use which ultimately drives cost savings. As part of this concept, Sea IT builds and tests equipment prior to shipping it to global customers such as Maersk Tankers and Oldendorff Carriers.
New Products within IT & Security

To further strengthen product and services, Sea IT has introduced more products within IT and Security.

– We live in a digital age which brings challenges to our customers in the maritime industry, continues Kristian Ryberg. Our customers businesses need to operate without any limits no matter where they are in the world. To continue to meet this need, we plan to introduce new products as we grow.
BlueCORE & Big Data

A future, strategic area is to collect data for operational decision making and optimization of the vessel performance. Equipping the vessels with BlueCORE™ enables customers to collect data and regard its fleet as remote office locations with real-time, on-line access to internal applications. BlueCORE™ is a cost efficient, modular platform which supports customers business objectives. It is built to optimize business processes, reduce operational costs and to ensure maximum efficiency by utilizing all available IT resources onboard. It enables a seamless integration between the crew onboard and the office.
Future Challenges

Today, the biggest financial danger is security in the digital space – both external, internal and social activities play a critical role in this scenario.

– The future is already here and customers using the Sea IT BlueCORE™ concept makes sure they operate their fleet in the best possible way, says Kristian Ryberg, CEO of Sea IT. Digital signage is the most commercial aspect today, but there is still an ongoing challenge to make sure this information reaches both the users on the vessels and management in the companies.

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