Sea IT Delivers Timely Installations for Maersk Tankers Around the World

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Robert Hansen

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January 21, 2017

GOTHENBURG, Sweden - - Sea IT continues to deliver successful installations for Maersk Tankers around the globe as part of a 4 year long strategic ICT contract. The contract covers all vessels operated within its fleet.

- It can be very challenging to manage the logistics in the maritime industry, says Kristian Ryberg, CEO at Sea IT. At Sea IT we strive for excellence, not only in our products but in the execution of a project. Maersk Tankers fleet operates approximately 100 vessels around the globe. A total of 75+ vessels in the fleet have now become fully equipped with the new BlueCORE™ system and are up and running,

-With Maersk Tankers vessels in traffic around the globe, we first build, test and verify all equipment at our headquarters, only thereafter do we ship out the products along with a specially trained technician to install it on board, says Kristian Ryberg. It is a challenge many supplier struggle with, therefor we are very pleased to see yet another successful project management plan be executed on time.

The ICT contract includes a unique modification of BlueCORE™ which has been customized to fit Maersk Tankers global business operations and high security standards. The customized solution is built to optimize business processes, reduce operational costs and to ensure maximum efficiency by utilizing all available IT resources onboard. It enables a seamless integration between the crew onboard and the office. With the solution onboard, Maersk Tankers will be able to regard its fleet as a remote office location.

- The Vessel IT project has been a great success to date, says Henning Madsen, Vessel IT Manager at Maersk Tankers in Copenhagen, Denmark. They offer second-to-none reliable ICT solutions, installed by highly trained professionals and executed under excellent project management plans. Sea IT is really proving their expertise and capabilities in this project to be everything we demanded in the Vessel IT project.

Now Maersk Tankers can regard these 75+ vessels as remote office locations with real-time, on-line access to our internal applications. It is a cost efficient, modular platform which supports Maersk Tankers business objectives, says Kristian Ryberg.

Sea IT is an independent system integrator specialized in the marine sector and has proven to offer second-to-none reliable ICT solutions.

- We also provide high-end project and installation management services to our customers to secure excellent delivery and execution of the project plan. It is very pleasing to continue to prove our capabilities in serving global customers, continues Kristian Ryberg.

Installation & Support
The installations began in August 2016 and are expected to be finalized in the beginning of 2017. Maersk Tankers can integrate and structure all programs from various departments – from Technical and Operations; Chartering; Health Safety Environment & Quality to Human Resources and 3rd parties for fuel consumption, sea chart updates and more, he continues. Besides the installations, Sea IT will serve as a 2nd line support in close collaboration with the Maersk Tankers own support team in Manila, Asia. Sea IT carries key components for hard- and software and provides emergency support 24/7/365 to Maersk Tankers around the globe.

Sea IT has built, verified and tested a total of 95 BlueCORE™ systems as part of a 4 year long strategic ICT contract with Maersk Tankers. Successful and timely installations have taken place on 75+ vessels to date.

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