Sea IT Delivers Complete ICT Solutions of Highest Standard to Älvtank's New Vessels

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Robert Hansen

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August 16, 2018

Aug 16th2018

Sea IT Delivers Complete ICT Solutions of Highest Standard to Älvtank's New Vessels 

GOTHENBURG, Sweden - - Sea IT, an independent system integrator specialized in the marine sector, has entered an agreement with Älvtank to deliver and install Sea IT’s complete ICT solution as Älvtank expands its fleet with two new vessels. The agreement covers a full suite of products included in the BlueCORE concept: BlueTV, BlueSAT, BlueSTAR, BlueBOX, BlueCONNECT and the phone service BlueSKY. The first ICT installation has been fully completed on the vessel Ramanda, which now has the highest standard available, and a second vessel is in progress.

- We decided to implement BlueCORE since it makes our daily operations easier and more flexible, says Olof Nilsson, one of the business owners at Älvtank. With BlueTV the crew can enjoy an IP based infotainment system. It combines TV, video, general ship information and safety, items that are valuable in the marine industry.

- It is with great pleasure we continue to work with Älvtank and take part of their journey to equip their fleet with the best possible solution based on their needs. We believe that Sea ITs BlueCORE solution is a strategic decision for Älvtank to minimize the operational costs and be able to work efficiently with reliable communication at any given time, says Kristian Ryberg, CEO of Sea IT.

The BlueCORE Benefits

Equipping the vessels with BlueCORE™ enables Älvtank to regard its fleet as remote office locations with real-time, on-line access to internal applications. BlueCORE™ is a cost efficient, modular platform which supports Älvtank's business objectives. It is built to optimize business processes, reduce operational costs and to ensure maximum efficiency by utilizing all available IT resources onboard. It enables a seamless integration between the crew onboard and the office.

The BlueCORE™ platform is flexible, scalable, easy-to use and drives cost savings. It has an open architecture for M2M management and fully supports integration of future 3rd party products., which can be integrated to further reduce costs for Älvtank, for example maintenance costs.

A Suite of Products Installed: BlueSAT™, BlueSKY™, BlueSTAR™, BlueTV, BlueBOX BlueCONNECT™

Sea IT also equips the vessels with BlueSAT™, a fully customized VSAT solution, which integrates the latest state-of-the-art technology with excellent Ku services for optimum coverage. The main benefit using BlueSAT™ services is maximum reliance and quality on important services such as voice, fast internet access, secure and stabile video conferencing and instant remote management. BlueSAT™ customers also benefit from cost reduction and increased efficiency.

Besides a the VSAT solution, the agreement includes BlueSKY™, a sophisticated, cloud-based PBX service which supports both IP and analogue phones. The BlueSKY™ service provides benefits such as number presentation, call forwarding and seamless transition of calls between all external and internal sources.

With BlueSTAR on board the crew will enjoy the fastest internet speed and file transfer available nearby shore, up to 300 Mbps.  BlueSTAR automatically switches to faster networks when available, choose between GSM, LTE and NMT.

For more information, contact:

CEO Kristian Ryberg, +46 73 2323905

About Sea IT

Sea IT, an independent system integrator specialized in the marine sector, offers second-to-none reliable ICT solutions. Sea IT collaborates with leading companies on a global basis to provide the best possible solutions to customers based on their requirements. The company has a strong network and has installed +350 successful projects for the marine industry to date. Sea IT serves its customers from 2 continents, 3 offices and provides dedicated support 24/7/365.

The Sea IT products and services are offered under the brands BlueCORE™, BlueCLOUD™, BlueSAT™, BlueCALL™, BlueTV™, BlueSKY™, BlueCONFERENCE™, BlueCONNECT™ and more.

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