Oldendorff Signs up for Sea IT´s BlueCORE ICT-solution on +80 vessels

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Robert Hansen

Published on

September 13, 2018

GOTHENBURG, Sweden - - Sea IT announces a new strategic ICT agreement with Oldendorff Carriers, one of the world's largest dry bulk shipping companies. Sea IT will manage and carry the responsibility for the whole project which includes ICT-installations on 80+ vessels followed by a 3-year service contract

Proof of Concept and Installation A full Proof of concept period took place in Q4 2017 and the project is now in the middle of a full rollout. - Through this agreement with Sea IT we will be able to increase our operational efficiency, says Kay Conrad, IT Fleet Manager at Oldendorff. We set out to find a secure and future adaptable IT communications solution for our fleet. We are very pleased to have entered in to this long-term agreement with Sea IT, who are true experts in their field and fully understood our fleet IT requirements.

An ICT System Dedicated to Maximum Security for Oldendorff’s Project “Internet for Crew” Sea IT, experts in ICT for the shipping industry, has built the system design and will manage all critical parts of the projects including cyber security and endpoint security.

- We have worked closely with Oldendorff Carriers and set up their fleet cyber security system rules to conform with their corporate rules for cyber security, says Kristian Ryberg CEO at Sea IT. We are their technical partner making sure they meet their objectives and adhere to regulations now and in the future. Oldendorff Carriers can rely on maximum security for the project “Internet for Crew” including:

  • Fully secured hardware and software
  • Full redundant WI-FI access availability on board, including in the cabins
  • Dedicated wireless access for crew phones
  • Dedicated crew computers with free, personal email usage
  • Dedicated computer-based crew training available through the controlled ICT system
  • Fully secured and segmented network onboard all vessels with central management from shore
  • Dedicated and unique rule settings to ensure maximum security level on segmented LAN on board

Crew only have access to program and services needed specifically to perform their job duties. The agreement covers 80 owned vessels out of Oldendorff’s total operated fleet of about 700 vessels.

BlueCORE ICT System for Operational Efficiency and Cost Savings Sea IT are system integration specialists and offers customized integrations for the shipping industry. With a long track record of successful installations, Sea IT understands the challenges that make the shipping industry unique and the need for critical attention to detailed planning. - It is all about logistics and planning and we are unique in that sense, says Kristian Ryberg, CEO at Sea IT. We drive the logistics planning, an area where large cost savings can be made when executed perfect. We make sure our technicians have the right tool, the right equipment and is at the right place to meet the vessel operational needs 24/7/365 around the globe. Thereby we can deliver both the installation and the set up in 30 hours during one port stop. The execution of the installations around the world is a critical factor to both the customer and Sea IT. With a carefully planned execution down to the smallest detail both the customer and Sea IT can reap the benefits. - Our customers can count on maximum up time and at the same time we have minimal support, this is a win-win deal for both parties. We simply can’t have our staff stay on a vessel that leaves the port – nor can we run a business with installations continuing over several port stops, it makes no sense though we know it is common in the industry, says Kristian Ryberg, CEO at Sea IT. Sea IT will manage all program updates through centralized solutions, plan installations and vessel visits (including visas etc.) and will carry all support responsibilities for Oldendorff Carriers. In the project Sea IT collaborates with several partners. - We fully understand the operational costs of our customers business and therefor plan very carefully to make all installations run smoothly without delays or extra costs which is common in our industry, summarizes Kristian Ryberg, CEO at Sea IT.

The BlueCORE Concept Enables a Fully Functional Operating ICT System The ICT installations are based on BlueCORE™ from Sea IT. It is designed to fit global marine operations and meet high security standards. BlueCORE is built to optimize business processes, reduce operational costs and to ensure maximum efficiency by utilizing all available IT resources onboard. The BlueCORE infrastructure enables a close collaboration with 3rd parties and integration of their products to ensure it is an optimal solution for Oldendorff Carriers. In the agreement, Sea IT have integrated a fuel optimization system in the BlueCORE services and the installation is prepared for future system installations such as engine monitoring, scrubber system and a training system. The infrastructure is open for future secure integrations of 3rd party products that are important for the Oldendorff Carriers operations. The BlueCORE concept consists of multiple components such as: system design, test and verification, training, policies, documentation, support, monitoring, communication, standardization and logistics planning. In the Oldendorff Carriers agreement, Sea IT manages big data with over 100 real time monitors covering critical components such as server processes and loads, up time, the UPS units battery status – all set up and monitored to optimize the vessels run time and guarantee smooth operations at sea. - Our customers trust our expertise in integrating all the various providers solutions and hardware components. Spanning from integrations to team management for the installations, project leaders and support – we do it all. We also monitor their ICT system remotely. This way we can ensure that Oldendorff Carriers gets a smooth and well executed process with maximum run time, says Kristian Ryberg. The BlueCORE concept enables a seamless integration between the crew onboard and the office. With the new ICT system onboard, Oldendorff Carriers will be able to regard its fleet as a remote office location.

Sea IT collaborates with leading partners in the maritime industry and integrates all 3rd party software and equipment, management of big data, phones, networks, WI-FI, and more. The BlueCORE services are not products and are not dependent of any specific hardware. BlueCORE is a mindset and a concept structure that integrates all software, hardware and communication to a fully functional operating ICT system.  Day to day business is monitored - and all critical updates of the programs and content of the vessels -  will be performed according to the shipping companies it and security policies. No human interference with the crew onboard is needed.

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