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We have the expertise needed for successful digital system integration.

Being professional comes down to having experience, being at the forefront, and – to a certain extent – leading the way in your area. At Sea IT, our staff is our most important resource. Without them, there would be no BlueCORE.

We care about keeping you efficient and secure, from beginning to end.
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With Our Remotely Managed Services on Your Vessels, Traveling is Reduced, Saving Both Money and The Environment

Sea IT is an independent company, and we will recommend the best and most cost-efficient solution possible to our customers.

We offer standardized products and services that are easy to use. Through fixed-price agreements, our customers can easily calculate and control their costs. Together with our customers, Sea IT coordinates cost-efficient IT and communication systems for daily use. That means complete solutions to shipping companies all over the world, including technical support and maintenance 24/7, every day of the year.

Meeting the Standards of Tomorrow – Today

Setting standards in the marine industry isn’t always about influencing legislation.
It can also be about looking far into the future and anticipating what direction the industry will take. What decisions will lawmakers make, and how can we be at the forefront of this?

How can we both meet and set the standards? How can we live up to and raise the anticipation of the professionals working on the oceans today and tomorrow?

About Us

How can a small company commission an entire fleet of vessels with 80, 160, even 200 vessels?

Without our customers, it wouldn’t be possible. Our partnerships push us to develop and adapt, with our long experience being a vital asset. We have a strong belief that anything is possible, and thanks to our staff and their amazing team spirit, we will transform your vessel into a floating, state-of-the-art IT palace in less than 40 hours.

Preparation is key here. We prepare every single rack and workstation back home, and double-check every single item to be sure everything is in order. Setting up the systems on a standard basis ensures that we monitor all systems in the same way.

Once we’re done, our ambition is to not return for at least five years; thus not until it would likely be time for an update.

Our History

Proven under real-life conditions for more than 20 years.

Sea IT was founded in 2002. We have a long history of working with ship owners
in the merchant fleet. We pride ourselves on working with, and learning from, both some of the smallest and largest ship owners in the world. It is our strong belief that our position benefits all business professionals in the shipping industry.

We have developed an understanding of ship owner’s and manager’s needs, as well as the needs in your organization based on all the different stakeholders involved.

Sea IT Defined

Our business model is one-of-a-kind, in terms of IT solutions for the marine industry. We have built up a considerable knowledge base over the years, and are a unique solutions supplier.

IMO regulations require greater IT compliance; something that will increasingly impact your business and daily operations. Sea IT’s BlueCORE solution ensures that your company complies with these regulations, allowing you to focus on your core business.

We think of our customer relations as strong partnerships that grow and evolve over time. We take pride in choosing our partners wisely, always with the express purpose to benefit both parties.

Our Support and Installation Team

Sea IT provides a fully managed support service, 24/7

● Our support and installation team currently consists of 17 engineers.
● The team monitor on every vessel has between 50 and 100 sensors installed.
● We handle on average 40 customer cases per day.
● We provide monthly security reports.
● We monitor and protect vessels from external and internal attacks.
● The support and installation team has experience with VSAT, FleetBroadband, Iridium, 3G/4G and LTE.
● The support and installation team has experience with third-party communication providers such as Inmarsat, Marlink, NSSL, Telenor Maritime and SpeedCast.

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