Our Vision & Values

Vision & Commitments

At Sea IT, we are committed to a strong  vision of becoming a leading pioneer in operating and managing turnkey IT solutions for the maritime community around the world. In order to fulfill our vision, we drive innovation and adapt the latest and most secure hardware and software technologies available in the market for our customers.

At Sea IT, we work hard to further enhance and improve our performance on a daily basis, thus securing the best possible service in customer support, business development and sales operations. As a result, we have successfully incorporated the Kaizen philosophy throughout our organization. All staff recruited are highly skilled professionals who continue their training and education once onboard the Sea IT professional team. All technical engineers have been thoroughly trained by our partners prior to installation.

Our Values

  • 100% customer focus and service 24/7/365 around the world, served by highly trained maritime professionals
  • Drive innovating solutions and offering top-notch technology in business and operations
  • Complete turnkey solutions offering customers one single point of contact for smooth operations and support within IT and communication
  • Accountability and responsibility to our customers, partners and employees at all times
  • Open door policy - at Sea IT our customers are always welcome whether it is business or just a cup of coffee

Safety First