All Sea IT professionals and 3rd parties working with Sea IT must comply with the Sea IT Information Security Code of Conduct

Our daily work is to a large extent based on using and sharing information as well as using information technology. Information is valuable to us and without it we will not be able to create value for our customers and make progress on our Business Strategy & Product Development. This information can however also be valuable to others. It is very important that we safeguard information and information systems very carefully.

To help safeguard our information, we have written a Code of Conduct for Information Technology. It will help us understand and navigate in the ever-evolving environment in which we contain our information, both digitally and physically. It is very important that we identify and manage risks associated with our day-to-day work in order to protect our customers business and ensure the security of their information, and that is why all employees and 3rd parties working with Sea IT must follow this Code of Conduct in the daily work.

Best Regards,

Kristian Ryberg