BlueTV Technology


The BlueTV-concept is modular and follows a number of  international standards for Digital-TV (MPEGx over DVB-S/DVB-T2/DVB-C/IPTV). This means support for high quality signals offering HDTV and 5.1-audio on a standard TV-set. If you wish to use the interactive services offered by BlueTV then you need a BlueTV set-top-box.

The modularity mentioned above is valid for both input-signals as well for ouput-signals. It is possible to receive signals from a number of digital sources (for example satellite, terrestrial or movies) or analogue sources (for example cameras). It's also possible to generate content from webpages or receiving datastreams from BlueSat.

BlueTV can distribute it's signal along the ship in a number of different ways, traditional coax-cable, cat5/6/7-networks or fiber. It's also possible to distribute the same signal in different ways simultaneously.

All this together makes BlueTV a very flexible solution.