BlueTV Service Description

TV & Video. Just Like Home!

Multiple TV Channel Packages and Large Video Library

BlueTV™, an IP based infotainment system, combines TV, video, music, general ship information and safety. The main benefit of using BlueTV™ services, is a user friendly system, excellent picture quality, remotely controlled support and maintenance 24/7/365 by Sea IT specialists and an unrivalled technology platform  with extensive services – the Blue Product Group.


With the BlueTV™ solution, a wide range of TV channel packages can be selected and distributed through the network. A large video library is dedicated for videos on demand and unlimited web based radio stations can be selected. With BlueTV™ you can incorporate useful information to your crew such as flights, calendar, alarm clock, menus and general messages. Security is enhanced by connecting the existing alarm system to all TV screens and TV channels. Crew can also report cabin fault reports directly through the network and provide an attendant with an easy overview of actions to carry out. In summary, BlueTV™ offers a complete infotainment system for a demanding ship management and its crew.

Together we can coordinate a cost effective infotainment system for daily use.


Infotainment and Security.

All At Your Fingertips.

News, Sports, Comedies or Action.

Now you can offer a wide range of TV channels and radio stations  to your crew and guests. Choose from channels featuring news, sports, comedies or action, and add an unlimited number of radio stations as part of your entertainment on board.

Videos and Personal Recordings on Demand.

Enjoy excellent picture quality for your videos and reap the benefits from an efficient system offering extra large storage databases. Multiple crew members can record the same film at the same time but only one file will be stored on the server.

Safety Messages.

With BlueTV™ you can assure crew security. Simply connect your existing alarm system directly to the BlueTV™ network system and it will be activated if an alarm sets off. The TV screens will mute, TV channels stops and a message/image of your choice will be displayed on all TVs and channels.

Alarm Clock, Calendar, Weather & more.

Provide your crew with timely updates of information. Use the BlueTV™ network system features such as alarm clock, calendar, flight schedules, weather, restaurant menus and other information of interest to the crew.

Maintenance and Support.

We offer standardized and cost-efficient  products and services that are easy to use. The BlueTV™ network system is an IP based service and can therefor be controlled and supported remotely - whenever and wherever you are. Any changes to the channels offered are easily carried out by Sea IT specialists 24/7/365. 


User Friendly.

One Remote Control. That’s it!

Excellent TV and Video Quality.

Sea IT strives to excel and offer top-of-the-line market solutions to customers worldwide at all times. IPTV is a solution offering excellent picture quality for your infotainment system while at the same time enabling crew members to quickly navigate menus, select and access entertainment of their choice.

Quick and Easy. One Click Away.

Why bother with two remote controls in each cabin if one is sufficient? The BlueTV™ network system takes care of the dilemma. Only one remote control is used to operate and manage the TV and the infotainment system. All carefully designed to be extremely user friendly and with a minimum of buttons to press. It’s easy and its quick. It’s simply BlueTV™!

Top of Line Hardware Products.

Sea IT have carefully selected strategic partners delivering top quality products which fully integrates with the BlueTV™ concept. Sea IT are proud to represent the antenna manufacturing partners SeaTel, Sailor, Cobham and Orbit.


One Call Away.

Administration is Easier Than Ever.

BlueTV Service and Support.

At Sea IT, we guarantee our customers full service and support 24/7/365 on all software and hardware all over the world. To fulfill our commitment, we carry spare parts for short term delivery to any harbor worldwide.

The BlueTV™ service and support contract is offered along with all hard and software services from Sea IT.

The BlueTV™ network system is based on well established standards.