BlueSAT Technology


BlueSAT uses the latest state of the art technology based on the advanced Vipersat technology which provides all advantages of the traditional SCPC services and the new “share access” technology such as DVB-S2. The new secure dynamic SCPC Vipersat solution guarantee the customer to get the maximum performance out for all type of services such as mail, voice, web browsing and video conference without compromising in quality or reliability.

The BlueSAT platform supports Multi Network Topologies which includes both Star and Full Mesh connectivity between remote sites and offices. The BlueSAT modem also has built in advanced features to be able to reduce bandwidth and /or power with advanced modulation and flexible FEC techniques. In the modem you will also have access to available features such as Turbo coding and Multi transponder mode. All these integrated features have an important impact on the voice services to secure a low jitter and reduce the latency to a minimum.


This graph will describe the benefits by using the BlueSAT modem from Comtech

Benefits from using the BlueSAT modem from Comtech


Description of Dynamic SCPC

Description of Dynamic SCPC