BlueSAT Service Description

Better Quality and Guaranteed Capacity


BlueSATTM, a fully customized VSAT solution, integrates the latest state-of-the-art technology with excellent Ku and C-band services for optimum coverage. The main benefit using BlueSATTM services is maximum reliance and quality on important services such as voice, fast internet access, secure and stabile video conferencing and instant remote management. BlueSATTM customers also benefit from cost reduction and increased efficiency.

With the BlueSATTM service, capacity can be assigned and dedicated by using the new Vipersat technology. It guarantees customers a given capacity, and at the same time, allows for data traffic peaks up to 4Mbps during more active periods.


Moving from Beam to Beam is a Made Seamlessly

The BlueSATTM service includes structured IP address supporting all KU- and C-band beams. As a result, moving from beam to beam is a smooth operation made seamlessly in the background requiring no interaction from ship management!

The service includes hardware, teleport services, satellite space segment, terrestrial connectivity and end-to-end services. All services are provided in collaboration with world leading partners in the shipping industry.


Example of Oil and Gas Network

Example of Oil and Gas Network