BlueSAT Coverage


The BlueSATTM satellite fleets consist of 18 Ku-band beams and 3 C-band beams, all delivered by leading satellite manufactures such as Intelsat, New Skies, SAT-GE, Telenor Satellite Broadcast and Telesat. These strong fleets of satellites are all supported by well-known earth stations located in the US, Germany, Luxemburg, Hong Kong and the Netherlands.

BlueSATTM Coverage for Ku-band Services

BlueSAT Coverage for Ku-band Services


BlueSATTM Coverage for C-band Services

BlueSAT Coverage for C-band Services


BlueSATTM Earth Stations

All earth stations are

  • fully integrated with each other
  • utilizes leased lines and MPLS

All backbones on each earth station are fully redundant and the PSTN traffic is provided in cooperation with Verizon.

BlueSAT Earth Stations