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VidyoReplay™ – Video Conference Recording & Webcasting Solution

Webcast and record video conferences with ease

Now there’s an easy way for Vidyo™ users to capture video conferences for those who are unable to attend, or webcast for those applications where full interactivity isn’t required for all participants. VidyoReplay™ is an easy-to-use webcasting and recording appliance for the recording and asynchronous playback of any Vidyo™ conference.

With VidyoReplay, every Vidyo™ endpoint becomes a ‘content creation station’, empowering users to record anytime, anywhere from any laptop or desktop device over Internet or 3G/4G wireless networks. Permissioned users can record and webcast customer support alerts, product announcements, medical procedures, lectures, training sessions and more. They simply choose the resolution at which to record or webcast, and get started with a single mouse click.


VidyoReplay Benefits:

  • Any user can record a video conference in their Vidyo room
  • Store, manage, and deliver the recorded videos cost-effectively to large audiences
  • Review videos using any standard web browser with Flash support
  • Manage access and metadata of created content
  • Stream up to 300 concurrent content views
  • Store up to 2500 hours of HD video content locally or use Network Attached Storage for expanded archival capability
  • Administrators have flexibility and control to set permissions for user groups, and specify who is able to record, webcast, and access stored content.

VidyoReplay includes an intuitive content management application with search and annotation capability. With a dedicated and hashed hyperlink assigned to each recording or live webcast, plus options to PIN-protect content and set access levels, sharing recorded content securely via HTTPS has never been easier.


VidyoReplay: Record & Webcast

With the VidyoReplay you can:

  • Webcast and Record your Vidyoconferences,
  • Webcast and Record in FLV format,
  • Standard web Video file format (FLASH) which can be viewed on almost any devices
  • Every Vidyo Endpoint can become a content creation station
  • Control recording from the VidyoDesktop
  • Manage access and metadata of created content

 VidyoReplay: Record & Webcast

Use the VidyoDesktop for easy recording:

Number of Sessions Graphical Interface