BlueCONFERENCE Service Description

Sea IT are proud to become the first assigned maritime Vidyo dealer to promote the latest state of art technology within visual communication. With is new adapting video layer architecture the Vidyo service will take a giant step in providing a superior video technology compare to similar system providers.

The new architecture are far more scalibale and flexible compared with todays videosystems. The product range is wide and supports video communication from your Apple phone up to a complete Telepresence system. 

Sea IT will sell the service under the name BlueCONFERENCE which means that all video application are fully integrateble with Sea IT´s Blue family such as BlueSAT and BlueCORE.

All products in the Blue family are are fully supported by remote access by trained and skilled engineers 24/7/365.

HD Video Conferencing without Boundaries


Find the Vidyo solution that fits your needs

Vidyo™ has a complete telepresence solution portfolio for universal video conferencing from any end point over any network without requiring expensive network upgrades. Go with Vidyo for room system, desktop, and mobile video conferencing solutions. Regardless of the business or application, Vidyo’s VidyoRouter architecture delivers low latency HD-quality multipoint video conferencing over ordinary data networks to any end-point.

Vidyo offers solutions engineered for enterprise and service provider deployments, incorporating multiple types of endpoints to meet business and technical needs, as well as solutions specific to industries. Each Vidyo™ solution is built on our award-winning software-based platform, so it is fully customizable and easy to integrate, with support for an impressive array of application programming interfaces, and affordably priced at a fraction of the cost of competitive solutions.

HD videoconferencing without boundaries

HD Videoconferencing without Boundaries