Vidyo - Top Quality Combined with Full Flexibility

Sea IT offers multiple hardware packages:

  • BlueMobile & BluePAD – solution for mobile users
  • Available for Apple IOS & Android
  • Excellent experience over Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G and Satellite??
  • Easy installation with an intuitive user interface
  • Decode up to 720p and encode up to VGA quality
  • Real-time low latency natural interactions
  • Customizable screen layouts including preffered speaker and continous presence
  • Data and application share viewing options with integrated layouts
  • Joint multipoint calls with Rooms and Desktops
  • APP available in AppStore


BlueDesktop – Smart Solution for Office Users

 VidyoDesktop™ brings unprecedented telepresence-quality video conferencing to a company’s most commonly used business tool — personal computers. The VidyoDesktop software client delivers low latency HD-quality video for natural communications, and single-click simplicity with an intuitive graphical user interface or mouse control. Vidyo™ puts the productivity power of video conferencing into the hands of users.

VidyoDesktop Benefits:

  • Super-quick installation
  • Windows, Macintosh and Linux* computers – *(certain versions only)
  • Real-time monitoring of participant video quality and network performance
  • Customizable personal screen layouts, including preferred speaker and continuous presence formats
  • Highly flexible application and data sharing options
  • Integration with Microsoft Lync, IBM Lotus Sametime, and Adobe Connect

Vidyo’s Adaptive Video Layering Architecture delivers industry-leading error resiliency and low latency for personal telepresence on everyday desktop devices. This architecture enables the VidyRouter™ and VidyoDesktop to work together, dynamically adjusting video communications to network conditions and CPU utilization throughout a conference session based on the capabilities of each endpoint device, so all participants benefit from the full potential of their devices to deliver natural, face-to-face communication without broken images or delay.

VidyoDesktop integrates seamlessly with VidyoRoom™ systems, traditional H.323 and SIP endpoints using the VidyoGateway™. For integration with unified communication platforms, Vidyo provides plug-ins for IBM Lotus Sametime as well as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Lync.


Now You Can Use Your PC as the a Visual Tool to Communicate to the World 

  • Full H.264/SVC for Shared IP connectivity
  • Software-based and Downloadable from VidyoPortal
  • Multiple Personal Layouts (CP/VA)
  • Encodes up to 720p@ 30fps.
  • Decodes up to 1080p@30fps (1440P with Executive client)
  • HD Application Presenting: Dual HD experience
  • Windows XP, Vista & 7; Mac OS
  • Firewall traversal
  • Works over 3G+/HSDPA and satellite

Typical Performance






BlueDesktop Options


BluePanorama System - Game Changing Solutions

At Vidyo™, we view HD-quality video conferencing as a natural extension of the way people work, and our products show it. VidyoRoom™ systems leverage Vidyo’s patented Adaptive Video Layering Architecture to deliver telepresence-quality video experiences over general data networks and the Internet — no dedicated QoS networks are required.

Vidyo is the performance and value leader, delivering up to 1080p/30fps or 720P/60fps with the highest error resiliency and imperceptible latency across the range of VidyoRoom systems, at a fraction of the cost of video solutions based on transcoding MCU architectures. VidyoRoom interoperates seamlessly with VidyoDesktop™ and traditional H.323 and SIP-based endpoints via VidyoGateway™, to connect with anyone, anywhere using equipment they already have. By eliminating the need for expensive network upgrades and dedicated proprietary endpoints, VidyoRooms make telepresence multipoint connectivity more affordable than ever.

The VidyoRoom system is easy to configure and use, with multiple layouts for video display including: active speaker, continuous presence, data sharing, or any combination thereof. Each participant can dynamically change his or her preferred layout at any time during a meeting, independent of other participants. Flexible conference control options are a snap using either VidyoRemote™ software (via Flash-compatible browsers on any Macintosh or Windows laptop, tablet or touch screen) or a standard infrared remote control device. Support for far-end camera control from other VidyoRooms and VidyoDesktops enables remote participants to control what they see as if they were in the room with other meeting participants.

BluePanorama System - Game Changing Solutions