The company was founded in 2002 by Mr Patriksson in Sweden. Together with IT professional from the shipping cluster, Mr Patriksson pursued a vision of better and more stable and reliable IT services for the shipping industry worldwide. To date, Mr Patriksson has successfully built the company and driven the development of the Blue Product Group, a seamless and smooth platform, developed by Sea IT, enabling crew to easily enjoy services such as Wi-Fi, Internet, phone call, TV and Infotainment and much more while at the same time having full IT support from Sea IT 24/7/365.

The Sea IT professionals have long experience and education from marine ICT. The company offers cost effective ICT solutions and collaborates with world leading hardware and software providers. To date, Sea IT has gained customers trust and serves a large number of ships worldwide within oil & gas, offshore, tankers, merchandise, fishing and cruise vessels.

Partners of the Sea It Ocean Alliance include, but are not limited to, Sea Tel, Jotron, Orbit, Vidyo, Cisco, HP, iXanon, Speedcast, Sailor, Thrane & Thrane and Aastra.